Vantage Security

V-PM2400-FTST3  Full Height Dual Lane Turnstile Gate Barrier


  • Designed for seizure operation with aesthetics in mind 
  • Corrosion protected S/S frame
  • Minimal exposed hardware 
  • Heavy gauge materials meeting ASTM standard 
  • Consist of rotar assembly and shield 
  • Assembly, barrier section, mechanism housing and ceiling plate
  • Dual lane operation for independent to and from operations 
  • Integration support with any RFID/Biometric Reader through NO input 
  • IP44 Ingress Protection rating 
Parameter Specifications
Passage width 650mm
Throughput rate Up to 15 p/m
Power supply 220~240 V AC
Operational voltage 24 V DC
Max power consumption 30W
Frequency 50~60 Hz
Prectection level IP 44
Working temperature -25~+70?
Electro-magnetic drive DC
Dimension excluding bars 2400 x 1500 x 2310mm
Net weight including bars 58 kg
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
100% Duty Cycle
Delay Time
LED Direction Indicators
Wired Terminal