Vantage Security


Since healthcare facilities offer 24 hour care to their patients, electronic surveillance can highly automate and simplify that process. So whether it is monitoring the emergency rooms or keeping an active eye on the pharmaceutical storage in a hospital or managing the access of staff to critical areas, we offer comprehensive security solutions for the healthcare industry to help them serve their patients effectively.

Our solutions specialist understand the threats posed in your organization and help design solutions according to the sensitive work environments in healthcare facilities. We have experience of executing projects for several renowned hospitals globally. We also offer customized solutions to some global medical equipment manufacturers, to integrate specialized cameras with high end medical equipment.

Our solution portfolio for the healthcare industry includes:

  • High Definition Video Surveillance with Intelligent Analytics
  • Command and Control Centre
  • Special cameras for medical equipments
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Data Centers, Network Security, Server and Storage Solutions
  • RFID and Biometric Access Control
  • Entrance Management Systems
  • Visitor Management Solutions

We are committed to serving our healthcare customers; being their valued partner for their security and IT needs and helping them maintain their business continuity and protecting their key assets - "people".