Vantage Security


National security and public safety is the prime concern of the Government. At Vantage we make a continuous effort to support the governments and law enforcement authorities in their effort to maintain high levels of security and eliminate any threats.

We offer a wide array of integrated solutions covering the security and IT needs of various government organizations. Apart from the in-house "Vantage" product portfolio, our solutions vertical also offers products from our integration partners globally and has successfully managed to secure several high profile government sites, departments and infrastructures.

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End to End solutions, tailor made to suit specific Government requirements:

  • High Definition IP and Analogue Video Surveillance with Intelligent Analytics
  • City Surveillance Solutions
  • Covert Surveillance and Counter Surveillance (anti-spy) Gadgets
  • Command and Control Centre
  • Vehicle Access Control and Parking Management Solutions
  • Data Centres, Network Security, Server and Storage Solutions
  • Entrance Management Systems
  • RFID and Biometric Access Control
  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • Perimeter Security and Fencing Solutions
  • Electronic Key Management Systems
  • Explosive Detection Solutions