Vantage Security

VV-CD2DP-2WA1  Two Door Two Way RFID Controller

  • Directly integrate 10M TCP/IP communication with excellent transmission performance.
  • Big flash capacity can keep data for 10 years if no power.
  • All of input interfaces have optocoupler protection and system is more stable.
  • WEB server is built in access control. We can manage and real time monitor and no need install software.
  • Access control’s time nzone camn reach as many as 8 groups and each group can have different verifications
  • Support multi verifications: Card, card+PSW, PSW, PSW, double cards, first card opening.
  • Support remotely open or close door door, alarm,fire alarm.
  • Support software or manage door through WEB and realize global anti pass back.
  • Support alarm output of multi events like invalid card and time, door alarm, door open overtime
  • All of weigand interfaces are compatible with weigand protocol like 26, 34, 37.
  • Data automatically sends without limitation of access controller qty.
  • Separately set each card’s validity.
  • All of our access controllers support 485, TCP/IP controller’s mixing installation
  • Support time attendance and online guard tour function.
  • Support real time management monitor by multi users and multi devices.
Parameter Specifications
User capacity 30000 users
Transaction capacity  60000 logs
Alarm event 60000 logs
Communication   TCP/IP and RS-485
Communication distance Software  management without limitation
Card Reader supported Wiegand protocol
Door open method
Card, Card+PSW, PSW,double card, software, free pass, Push button, door timer
CPU 32 bit 400MHz CPU
Working temperature
0 to 60 degree
Humidity 10% to 95% R.H
Working voltage 12V DC
Working current  <240mA
Rated power <5w
Panel dimension 232x134x22mm
Package weight 1.4kg
Data protection if no power supply 10 years
Standard interface  
Card reader 4 No.
Fire alarm in/out 1No.
alarm in/out 1 No.
Lock release button input 2 No.
Door sensor input 2 No.
Lock output 2 No.
TCP/IP communication 1 No.
Access Control
Attendance Report
EM Card
Time Zones