Vantage Security

VV-SA657AX-SSK2  Smart Socket


  • Internal antenna
  •  Operating frequency 433MHz
  • Wireless intelligent study coding, maximum support 60 pcs remote control 
  • Wireless Working Distance   ≤25m
  • EEPROM information protection, information never lost to ensure information security
  • No direction requirement
  • LED indicator lights 
Parameter Specifications
Power supply  100-240V AC
Maximum Power 2200W
Maximum current 10A
Receiving and Transmitting frequency  433MHz
Maximum number of remote control  60 pcs
Wireless Working Distance  ≤25m
Material ABS (fire resistance) 
Operating Temperature -20°C  to 70°C
Humidity  ≤80%
Dimension 106X63X64mm 
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS
LED Indicator