Vantage Security

VV-GM200RF-CJ2  RF Guard Monitoring System


  •  Auto induction card-reading
  •  Read EM/ID signal card
  •  USB communication, no need downloader station
  •  Super storage capacity 4Mb Flash, 60000 records
  •  Metal Body,Molded rubber shell, super durability
  •  Easy carrying, brilliant exterior design
  •  Sabotage absorbent, easy maintenance
  •  Real time internal clock
  •  Completely water resistant
  •  Resistant to electrical shock
  •  Long battery life;
  •  Reading distance<=10cm
Parameter Specifications
Physical  Metal Body, Molded rubber shell, completely water  resistant,
Dimensions  150mmx 42mmx 32mm
Frequency 125KHz
Operating Temperature 50deg to 186deg F (- 45deg to + 85deg C )
Memory 4Mb Flash ROM
Humidity 10% to 98% non-condensing Storage
Storage Capacity 60000 records
Battery 3.0 V Lithium Battery, 1200mAh
Signal Card Detection Auto induction card-reading
Card Reading Distance3cm  5cm (EM signal card)
Communication USB 
Weight 191g
Prectection level IP67 Standard
Buzzer Sound
Buzzer Sound
Inbuilt Battery
USB Communication
Water Resistant