Vantage Security

VV-SA655AX-GSK2  Digital Display Wireless Gas Detector


  • Human voice prompt
  • High reliable catalytic combustion method
  • Gas concentration displaying (PPM)
  • Power supply from AC 100V-240V with build-in battery
  • Intelligent micro processor control
  • Auto detect sensor failure
  • Auto send notification to host when alarm
  • One relay output when alarm
Parameter Specifications
Power Supply  100V~240V AC 50-60Hz
Battery Voltage  9V rechargeable battery (optional)
Working Temperature  0-50°C
Environment Humility  10% - 95%
Alarm Density  2500PPM (± 1500PPM)
Alarm Time  Keep alarming after over 2500PPM
Wireless Working Frequency  433MHz
Wireless Working Distance  ≤25m
Size  120x80x35mm
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS