Vantage Security

VV-EDK08R  Explosive Detection Kit


  • The Explosive Detection Kit (EDK) has potential application in detection of traces of explosives from the debris after explosion.
  • The EDK can also be used to detect the explosive materials from the unknown samples before explosion.
  • Explosives in trace quantities (as low as 10 g) can be identified using the kit.
  • The EDK is designed and developed on the basis of compound specific color producing spot test
  • It is sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and economical. 
  • It can be used by Police forces, Paramilitary forces, Armed Forces, Forensic Science Labs and other investigating agencies for detection of explosives both before and after explosion. 
  • This kit can frequently be used at various check posts, railway stations, airports, bus stands, metro stations, big factory establishments, etc. to detect the explosive from the ambiguous materials on the spot.